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    New Photos of John Coltrane Rediscovered 50 Years After. They Were Shot. During the recording of A Love Supreme in 1964, Chuck Stewart caught the jazz legend in his element. But 72 photographs from six rolls of film never made it beyond the contact-sheet stage, and so haven’t been published. Stewart’s son David recently rediscovered those images in his father’s collection, and now Stewart is scheduled to include some of them in a donation to the National Museum of American History this month.

    Source: Smithsonian.com

    King coltrane

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Self-Portrait, Taiwan, c.1925.


    Self-Portrait, Taiwan, c.1925.

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by Nigel Smuckatelli on Flickr.


    by Nigel Smuckatelli on Flickr.


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Big Youth


    Big Youth

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Puff, puff, puffOh, you can puff your cares awayPuff, puff, puffNight and dayBlow, blow them into airSilky little ringsOh, little smoke rings I lovePlease take me above with you!
SAM COOKE, Smoke RingRead more: Sam Cooke - Smoke Rings Lyrics | MetroLyrics


    Puff, puff, puff
    Oh, you can puff your cares away
    Puff, puff, puff
    Night and day

    Blow, blow them into air
    Silky little rings
    Oh, little smoke rings I love
    Please take me above with you!

    SAM COOKE, Smoke Ring

    Read more: Sam Cooke - Smoke Rings Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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